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Maximizing Your Marketing Spend: Want to get the most out of your budget? Get creative!

Everyone has to work within a budget. Here’s how you can maximize it for great results.

Reopening? Or Just Thinking About It? Internal Communications is Crucial

When you’re bringing people back into the office post-lockdown, nothing is more important than communicating well.

Marketing in a Crisis: Brand Positioning is Crucial for Success

As you navigate business as unusual, one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your organization is ready for whatever comes next is to take a hard look at your brand positioning.

Marketing in a Crisis: The Fundamentals are More Important than Ever

Marketing during a crisis of this magnitude is uncharted territory for all of us. Fortunately, we can navigate the “new normal” with some of the same excellent tools we already use.

Marketing in a Crisis: What You Can Do Right Now

We are working hard to help our clients navigate a time of deep uncertainty and change. We’d like to share with you some insights gleaned from this “new normal.”

Unlocking Marketing Success: The Creative Process

A Creative Process Based On Four Principles.

Employee Retention: The Power of Internal Marketing

In our latest webinar, we share key tips on how internal marketing can create the kind of rich, engaging culture that ensures a committed workforce.

What is Your Social Media Strategy?

We looked at how can you harness the power of social media for your company.

Why Self Image Matters in B2B Sales

The importance of developing advocates inside companies when selling B2B.

4 Tips for More Effective B-to-B SEO

The technical and frequently changing world of search engine optimization can be challenging for B-to-B marketers to navigate. This article from American Marketing Association’s Julie Davis may help.

7 Ways Marketing and Sales Can Be More Effective—Together

Bridge the gap & reap the benefits of cooperation.

Avoid The 4 Biggest Pitfalls To Marketing Success

Tips on Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Finalists Announced for WIT Leadership Awards

Women in Technology honors women who have excelled as mentors, leaders and role models in the local tech sector. Denise Hart was recognized as a WIT Champion.

Networking for Marketers – 20 Tips

Ah, networking. You hear about it and read about it and people talk about it all the time, but should you? It seems like it could be just one more thing to add to a long list of ‘to dos’.

Positioning in B2B Content Strategy

Brand positioning is critical as B2B marketers turn to content marketing.

Sales & Marketing: The “Great Divide”

The buzz around marketing and sales alignment may be recent, but the dynamic has been around for years.

The Future of Web Design & Programming

I recently received this article from a trusted colleague at Newfangled. Take a moment to read it and see what you think.

Denise Hart wins 2014 WIT Champion Award

The awards honor leading female professionals who have excelled as mentors, exemplified unique vision as well as embody the Women In Technology mission.

Denise Hart wins Influential Women of Virginia 2013

Denise Hart received the prestigious Influential Women of Virginia 2013 award.

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