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Are you speaking to your audience the right way? Are you approaching them through the right channels? We can help you maximize your impact! We’ll look at your current materials and talk to you about how you’re currently communicating about your mission and expressing your brand.



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We know how to elevate your mission.

With our many years of experience working with a broad variety of nonprofit organizations and associations, we understand how to help you communicate your mission, vision and purpose with maximum impact.

Whether it’s a rebrand, a capital campaign, a member engagement video, or another important initiative, we make sure you reach the right audiences on the right channels, demonstrating how your work makes a difference. We help you maximize your budget and are responsive to all key stakeholders: members, donors, advocates, board members, staff, and other important voices who need to be heard.

Our longtime clients include leading trade associations and nonprofits in areas like education, health, media and telecommunications, social justice, and the environment.

a clear process that works

O2 Lab uses a time-tested methodology to translate our clients’ core messages into effective brands and marketing campaigns that attract attention and deliver results. Focused on fostering an open exchange of ideas, as well as advancing the relationship between strategy, marketing and design, O2 Lab is a dynamic, intelligent and inspiring partner that plays an integral role in our clients’ ongoing strategies and future growth.

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You can check out some of our recent branding and marketing projects for nonprofits and associations below.

Seamless solutions

Whether it’s a brand refresh or a website overhaul, a social media campaign or a high-impact video, we help you find the right way to engage your audiences no matter who or where they are.