We’ve Got
Big Ideas

Leveraging the Power of Branding and Positioning

At O2 Lab we help build your organization’s unique story to raise awareness and nurture loyalty among those who need you most. It all starts with strategic thinking, the right positioning, and insight-rich brand engineering.

Strategic Thinking

With deep research and smart analysis we fully uncover how your company excels. A focused marketing plan paired with an exceptional brand experience means your audience understands at a glance that your solutions will solve their most pressing needs.

Seamless Solutions

Whether it’s a brand refresh or a website overhaul, a social media campaign or a high-impact video, we help you find the right way to engage your audiences no matter who or where they are.



Perfect Partnerships

We’re part of your team. You can rely on us for ongoing marketing and communications support, no matter what comes your way.

Specialists in Tech and Healthcare

Large corporations and small startups, non-profits and trade associations: The tech and healthcare industries work with us because we speak their language and understand their potential.

Pleased to meet you.

At O2 Lab, we uncover what’s different and great about each client. Connect with us today and learn more.