Wilkinson Barker Knauer

WBK Holiday Card — Look Again!

Each year, the law firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer asks O2 Lab to create a holiday card to nurture engagement with clients and other business associates. Our challenge each time is to create a new and memorable piece that communicates the breadth and depth of the firm’s expertise.

Our 2018 card uses original surrealist illustrations to cleverly incorporate both winter themes and WBK practice areas (energy, telecom, trademark, and other tech-related fields): A lightbulb is also a snowglobe enclosing a wintry scene (circled by drones acting like moths); a child blows a pinwheel that’s actually a wind turbine; ice skaters circle a pond that on second glance turns out to be a tablet; and a baker makes trademark cupcakes and copyright cookies as registration mark snowflakes fall outside her kitchen window. We chose a traditional print accordion-fold card that could be easily displayed and enjoyed.


We’re thrilled to announce that AIGA 50—the region’s premier biennial design competition—recognized our Look Again! card as one of its top 50 designs.